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Blood and Honour/Combat 18 Poland official statement concerning Obłęd,   Club 28 and the phoney C18 Poland

B&H/C18 Poland hever has and never will have anything to do with the band Obłęd. Two members of this band Jawor and Czerwony have been involved in heavy drug abuse and for that they have been banned from the NS scene long ago. There is no room for such scum in this movement. Nowdays people with no values have promoted these subhumans and tricked people into believing that the things mentioned aren’t true. Their main interest is to prey on YOUR scene! It doesn’t bother them that Obłęd plays for organizations which publicly burn the hakenkreuz and later take part in „NS” initiatives, screaming Sieg Heil out loud...this is a real joke. All of a sudden they are impersonating C18,a concept they have slandered throught the years. We advise people to take caution in dealing with these vermin.


Blood & Honor Poland  supports the National Socialist ideals and establishes its main goal as fighting for the Aryan culture, traditions, heritage, and the future of our race. Through National Socialism and the White Power ideals we hold the means for the survival of the White Race and our civilization as well as securing the future for next generations. We support the politics, decisions, and methods of activism of Combat 18 and we are loyal to our comrades outside our borders. We have no interest in whatever kind of contact with representatives and sympathizers of the Unity Movement as well as people trying to make money off the NS / White Power movement.

Hail Ian Stuart!

Hail Blood & Honour!

                           Blood and Honour –we’re together no surrender
                                    Ian Stuarts  memory will live forever
                         Loyal comrades stand beside us nothing changes
                                Ian Stuarts memory lives down the ages

                                                                                              Razors Edge


National Socialism is the only hope that the White Aryan Race has to survive the new Millennium. Forget the 'Patriots', the flag wavers and the grovellers to Kings and Princes. They are weak and stupid and worship the forces which are pledged to keep them in chains.  Forget the politicians and the 'democrats', they exist only to dilute and divert our movement. Their Gods are their Egos and the Shekels that their Jew masters have bought them with. Forget the 'entrepreneurs' and money-makers who have become rich from selling trinkets within the movement. They have cast away their Aryan birthright and have become as the Jew. Forget the apologists who cry "If only we show ourselves to be nice, respectable people then the Enemy will allow us everything we want". They are weak and stupid and do not understand the Eternal Laws of Nature.  The new Millennium must be one of struggle for if we do not destroy the Enemy then He will destroy us. The final battle is approaching, the last chance of the White Aryan Race. If we are found wanting then surely we do not deserve to survive and all our achievements and history will be forgotten and pass from the Earth forever.



                        The Time of the National Socialist Warrior has come !


   Blood & Honour